Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No, But thanks anyway

I can officially now say that yesterday sucked a big one. Thank God it is over and in the history books. So, on to the purpose of this, and yes, this one will serve a purpose.

If you haven't sent me a message saying anything to the effect of "babe, ur hot" or any of that shit, you can skip this and go to the part in blue. If you did, stop now and read below.

To those who seem to think it is ok to just randomly say shit to people on myspace, this is for you. NO, the song on my page is not intended to describe me and does not constitute a "hit me back or holla at me". If I had wanted to talk to you, I probably would have seeked you out. So, for those who do not know the lyrics, here they are. Below are the reasons why I chose this particular song. In another text color are the words that grabbed my attention. Stop here if you really could give two shits about it.

N: Am i throwing you off?
N: Didnt think so
How you doin Nelly
That feelin that you givin really drivin' me crazy
You dont haveta play about the joke
I was at a loss of words first time that we spoke
N:If you looking for a girl thatll treat you right
If you lookin for her in the day time with the light
You might be the type if I play my cards right
I'll find out by the end of the night
N: You expect me to just let you hit it
But will you still respect me if you get it
All I can do is try, gimme one chance
Whats the problem I dont see no ring on your hand
I be the first to admit it, Im curious about you, you seem so innocent
N: You wanna get in my world, get lost in it
Boy Im tired of running, lets walk for a minute
Promiscuous girl
Wherever you are
Im all alone
And it's you that I want

N: Promiscuous boy
You already know
That Im all yours
What you waiting for?
Promiscuous girl
You're teasing me
You know what I want
And I got what you need
N: Promiscuous boy
Let's get to the point
Cause we're on a roll
Are you ready?
N: Roses are red
Some diamonds are blue
Chivalry is dead
But you're still kinda cute
Hey! I can't keep my mind off you
Where you at, do you mind if I come through
N: Im out of this world come with me to my planet
Get you on my level do you think that you can handle it?
They call me Thomas
last name Crown
Recognize game
I'm a lay mine's down
N: I'm a big girl I can handle myself
But if I get lonely Ima need your help

Pay attention to me I don't talk for my health
I want you on my team
N: So does everybody else.
Baby we can keep it on the low
Let your guard down aint nobody gotta know
If you with it girl I know a place we can go
N: What kind of girl do you take me for?

N: Promiscuous boy
Let's get to the point
Cause we're on a roll
Are you ready?
Don't be mad, don't get mean
N: Don't get mad, don't be mean
Hey! Don't be mad, don't get mean
N: Don't get mad, don't be mean
Wait! I don't mean no harm
I can see you with my t-shirt on
I can see you with nothing on
feeling on me before you bring that on
Bring that on
N: You know what I mean
Girl, Im a freak you shouldn't say those things
Im only trying to get inside your brain
To see if you can work me the way you say
It's okay, it's alright
I got something that you gon' like
Hey is that the truth or are you talking trash
Is your game M.V.P. like Steve Nash
Promiscuous Girl
Wherever you are
Im all alone
And its you that I want
N: Promiscuous Boy
I'm calling your name
But you're driving me crazy
The way you're making me wait
Promiscuous Girl
You're teasing me
You know what I want
And I got what you need
N: Promiscuous Boy
We're one in the same
So we don't gotta play games no more

If you are still with me and hopefully you are, know that these words were meant for one person in particular, I think he knows who he is. This was not intended to be an advertisement. And on to the next question that I get so frequently asked, do I look like my default picture??? If you are that fucking dumb that you can not go into my pics and look at them, then, yeah, I sure as hell do look like her. And that is my dog, Fido.

To all my other dear friends, I hope all is well in your corner of the world, as I said before, mine sucked yesterday, but all is right in Amieland for now. Do I expect it to stay this way? Nope, but for now, it's all good. Taking it one day at a time and that is all I can do for now. For those of you who know me personally, you will be very proud of me. I was offered the man from Hell's new phone number, but didn't take it (see Tammy, I wouldn't chase him to the end of the earth, lol), and I didn't give him mine. Fucker had the nerve to show up, but hey at that point, I was so stressed, the door got slammed in his face, so I'm assuming, unless he is a fucktard, he got the point.

I just want to say a special thank you to a friend of mine who was my sounding board last night. Thank you, you went above and beyond the call of duty as a friend. I'm sorry you had a hysterical woman on your hands. I did forewarn you that I cried when I got mad. You have made me laugh over the last few weeks and I enjoy our long talks, even if we kill the batteries on every phone we both own. Thanks. I owe you one.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Idiots explain it all

Well, this just explains it all, does it???? HMMM, so all these years I thought my height was just for my good looks *rolling eyes since the freaking smileys won't work*

They totally screwed up on the better health part for me...damn, why couldn't I have been a participant? And where do they get these people???

Taller people are smarter: study

Fri Aug 25, 5:53 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - While researchers have long shown that tall people earn more than their shorter counterparts, it's not only social discrimination that accounts for this inequality -- tall people are just smarter than their height-challenged peers, a new study finds. .. "As early as age three -- before schooling has had a chance to play a role -- and throughout childhood, taller children perform significantly better on cognitive tests," wrote Anne Case and Christina Paxson of Princeton University in a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The findings were based primarily on two British studies that followed children born in 1958 and 1970, respectively, through adulthood and a U.S. study on height and occupational choice.

Other studies have pointed to low self-esteem, better health that accompanies greater height, and social discrimination as culprits for lower pay for shorter people.

But researchers Case and Paxson believe the height advantage in the job world is more than just a question of image.

"As adults, taller individuals are more likely to select into higher paying occupations that require more advanced verbal and numerical skills and greater intelligence, for which they earn handsome returns," they wrote.

For both men and women in the United States and the United Kingdom, a height advantage of four inches equated with a 10 percent increase in wages on average.

But the researchers said the differences in performance crop up long before the tall people enter the job force. Prenatal care and the time between birth and the age of 3 are critical periods for determining future cognitive ability and height.

"The speed of growth is more rapid during this period than at any other during the life course, and nutritional needs are greatest at this point," the researchers wrote.

The research confirms previous studies that show that early nutrition is an important predictor of intelligence and height.

"Prenatal care and prenatal nutrition are just incredibly important, even more so than we already knew," Case said in an interview.

Since the study's data only included populations in the United Kingdom and the United States, the findings could not be applied to other regions, Case said.

And how tall are the researchers?

They are both about 5 feet 8 inches tall, well above the average height of 5 feet 4 inches for American women.

A copy of the paper can be found at

Monday, August 7, 2006

Things are not always what they seem

Today, I got a shock. The two people I had always looked up to as far as relationships go, have separated. I have always tried to model my relationships after this couple, because they were simply..perfect, or so it seemed.

Over 40 years ago, they met at a bank. He took her out 5 days later. They stayed out too late, and was afraid to go home, so they eloped. Very much like my grandparents marriage. They have 3 beautiful daughters, all who are now married and spread across the Eastern Seaboard, living their own lives. They have always lived the American dream. Until 2 years ago, when he was severely burned on the job. After months of intense therapy, he was allowed to come home. They began to live for each day and as they told me, "live for each other". Sadly, he slowly became addicted to painkillers, in order to function, do daily things we take for granted. Friday night, he had drank too much wine, and took too many painkillers. In the heat of the moment, he called her hurtful names. Never in the history of their marriage had he so much as even said a cross word to her. She packed her clothes and left.

On August 24th, it will be the anniversary of the day we met, 23 years ago, it will also be his sentencing day, to find out long he will serve in prison for his addiction to drugs.

I guess I really did model my marriage after this couple, didn't I? Funny how things work out. I am praying they will work things out, praying he will overcome his addiction and praying that Kevin will not be gone the rest of my adult life.