Monday, August 7, 2006

Things are not always what they seem

Today, I got a shock. The two people I had always looked up to as far as relationships go, have separated. I have always tried to model my relationships after this couple, because they were simply..perfect, or so it seemed.

Over 40 years ago, they met at a bank. He took her out 5 days later. They stayed out too late, and was afraid to go home, so they eloped. Very much like my grandparents marriage. They have 3 beautiful daughters, all who are now married and spread across the Eastern Seaboard, living their own lives. They have always lived the American dream. Until 2 years ago, when he was severely burned on the job. After months of intense therapy, he was allowed to come home. They began to live for each day and as they told me, "live for each other". Sadly, he slowly became addicted to painkillers, in order to function, do daily things we take for granted. Friday night, he had drank too much wine, and took too many painkillers. In the heat of the moment, he called her hurtful names. Never in the history of their marriage had he so much as even said a cross word to her. She packed her clothes and left.

On August 24th, it will be the anniversary of the day we met, 23 years ago, it will also be his sentencing day, to find out long he will serve in prison for his addiction to drugs.

I guess I really did model my marriage after this couple, didn't I? Funny how things work out. I am praying they will work things out, praying he will overcome his addiction and praying that Kevin will not be gone the rest of my adult life.

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