Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I wanna be a penguin

I get up every morning and watch the Today Show. This week is their "Ends of the Earth" week. This morning, Ann Curry did a segment on Penguins.
After watching it and saying "aww" a few times, I realized that guys should be more like penguins.
First, male penguins like their females fat. (yup, got that part covered)
Second, they are monogamous. Well, at least for a year or so and then the next year they will try to find the same partner again.
Third, the female lays the egg, transfers it to the male and heads back out to eat. The male will not leave the egg until it is hatched. If the female is gone, he cares for it untils he returns.
Another cool thing about the penguins is they huddle together for warmth. How could that be bad? Yeah, it's like -20 or colder at times, but you still have all your other penguin buddies to help keep you warm. (and remember, you get to be fat too!)
So, in my next life, I wanna be a penguin. I just hope sharks don't like to eat penguins.

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