Friday, July 20, 2007

Once again...

I was tagged to name 10 strange things about me. After thinking about it, I realized that I could come up with hundreds of strange things about me. So much for thinking I was normal, huh? So here we go once again:

1. I do not look in mirrors. Only when I put on makeup (which is rare these days). Ever since I saw the movie Candyman (candyland, whatever), mirrors freak me out.
2. I never knew my older brother, Doug until I was 22 years old.
3. If I had to chose between human company and animal companionship, I'd probably go for the animal. I've become quite antisocial over the last 2 years.
4. Speaking of animals, I hate pigs. They are funky looking and smell nasty. No way in hell would I have one as a pet.
5. As a child, I had my swimming pool taken away from me because I let the ducks swim in it with me.
6. I'm not afraid of spiders, unless they jump.
7. I hate having wrinkles in the bed. I like nice, smooth sheets, preferably smelling like Clorox.
8. I had to kick Dale out of the truck to learn to drive a straight drive. Once he was gone, I could do it myself.
9. I consider myself closer to my stepmom, Lisa than my real mom. This is mainly because my mom has Alzheimer's and has given up on life.
10. I was once exactly 6' in bare feet. I am now 5'10" in bare feet. At this rate, I should be around normal female height of 5'6" by the time I'm 40!!

Ok, that was what I could come up with off the top of my head. Yeah, I'm boring!!!

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