Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"city living"

With the new move and all, we supposedly live in the "city" now. I'm glad someone told us that, 'cause you sure couldn't prove it by the wildlife we have in the backyard.
So far we have encountered a baby (or very small) skunk, 2 baby groundhogs and one big fat, well fed one. Then the other day Steve said he heard turkeys. (At this point, I humored him, thinking he was just overworked) And I'll be damned if this morning there wasn't 2 hens with a bunch of babies. So here is the wildlife that comes with living in the "city". Those fuzzy spots are turkeys. Either that or we have some really big buzzards living in the back yard. Sorry about the quality, it was 7 a.m. and grabbed the first available camera.
Oh yeah, I lived in T'ville for 4 years and never once saw a skunk, turkey or groundhog. Ok, well if you count greasy spots on the road, I did.

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