Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dragging Up

Good Lord, so much has happened in 24 hours. My marital woes are over and now for the good news. We got the house! So, that means I need to start packing up my life from the last 5 years here. (I can't believe I've had this place that long) A whole new start. The old Ironworkers/Boilermakers call it "Dragging Up" because in the old days, they literally dragged up their ropes/tie offs and went on to the next place. How appropriate in my case. It seems like I was always dragging up and moving on to the next town and the next latest, greatest drama...

I'm done with the drama and the dragging up. Hopefully, we will only make one or two more moves before we retire to some foreign country. Somehow I can see Steve sitting on the porch in a rocker yelling, "Get off my damn yard". And I have plans to become domesticated!

I am so happy; I am literally sitting here jumping up and down on the bed. You would think I had eaten some Twizzlers or something equally laden with Red Dye 40.

My days will now be filled with separating stuff into keep, throw away, burn and belongs to Johnny. Whew, who would have thought I'd be happy about moving? But I'm beyond happy...

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