Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The stork is making a pit stop!!

HA! Gotcha on that one, didn't I?

As of 6:20 a.m. this morning, we have a baby on the way. Ok, well, let me clarify that. My ex husband (the 1st one, not to confuse anyone) and his wife have one coming. Her water broke, they called me and off to the hospital they went. So, as of a few minutes ago, she is 2 cm dilated and getting situated in a room. Dale on the other hand is downstairs in the cafeteria eating breakfast. I told him at least he didn't eat in front of her like he did me.

Seems sort of funny that one of the first people they call would be me, his ex wife. But for all Dale and my arguing, we do get along pretty good 9 days out of 10. But it's the 10th day that shit hits the fan. I'm really excited for them and for Andrew. I hope everything goes quickly for Tysone and the baby is healthy. I wouldn't deny that to anyone, even my ex. If she happens to have her before school gets out, I am going to surprise Andrew and go pick him up, so he can meet his new sister. We also have a bet as to whether Steve will hold the new baby. So honey, don't make me lose a bet to a 9 year old.

So, as the day progresses, I'll be doing updates. Everyone pray for the safe arrival of a new life.

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