Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pffftt..that's all I have to say

Not to be knocking on any one's religion. But all I have to say is Mass was longer than a Southern Baptist preaching at a whore convention trying to convert the sinners. Whew. The overall message was the same I suppose, other than the Mary aspect, but just how much is there to say in one sitting? Apparently a lot that I had forgotten about. I say this because growing up I was dragged (yes, dragged) to my mother's church (she's Catholic) and I had forgotten what a long drawn out process it is to be "forgiven" by the Church. I only say this because it seems (to me) that you are forgiven by the priest. I, personally, don't care for having a "middle man". Just me though. I'll go straight to the top, thank you.
I saw a friend tonight, one I hadn't seen for a while. All I will say on that subject is "damnit, keep in freakin' touch!!" I think I am the only human on earth who can go to a strange church and make it a social event.
Ok, it is 3 something in the morning and a rooster is crowing his little head off. What is wrong with that picture? First it was cows, now it's chickens?

My dearest Janie is on myspace now. I was very happy to see the email saying she was on here. She's been through hell these last few years and yet, always managed to keep a posititve attitude. Lord knows, she has given me some of the best advice of my life. And I saw where she's moving to KY. woo hoo. ROAD TRIP.

And I have one more question that is just bugging the everliving shit out of me tonight...why is it the words we want to hear never come from the ones we want?
Ok, 'nuff for now, time to go back and fight Lennon for bed space.

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