Monday, November 6, 2006

Cows, Cats & Guns

With the weekend gone and the beginning of the week upon me, I feel like my mind is on a merry-go-round. So forgive me if this jumps from topic to topic.

Cows. I personally have nothing against them. They don't bother me, whether alive or on my plate getting ready to eat one. Well, let me rephrase that, they didn't bother me until this past weekend. The moon was either full or just very bright all weekend long. So, I've decided that is what got these damn cows going. They mooed (is that a word?) all night long. And I don't mean 1 cow or even 2 cows. I'm talking an entire herd of cows. Now, I could have understood if they had just taken their babies away from them or another cow died and was lying there, but to just stand there & moo all night is ridiculous. Ever hear a sound such as a clock ticking and you can't get it out of your mind once you hear it? Well, once I heard those cows, I couldn't turn the sound off. All weekend, even when not anywhere near these noisy creatures, I heard mooing.
I think I'm going insane. Isn't hearing things a sign of insanity?

Cats. I love them, as long as they know their place. Which is supposed to be near me when I want to pet them or where ever cats hide when I'm not interested. But I inherited my Nannie's cat, Joshua. Joshua is a whopping 4/5 lb, balding cat who is going into her 22nd year of life. As in people years. Up until recently, Joshua hated me. Then she figured out that I wanted to pet her. And honestly, the only reason I wanted to pet her is because I thought she hated me. Hey, I tried to make friends with the cat. Early Friday morning, she jumped up on my lap, where it just so happens that a laptop was. Within minutes, my wireless connection starts going haywire. So, again, with my reasoning, ok, the cat jumped on it, pushed a bunch of crap, she screwed it up. Nope. After a day of messing with the computer, come to find out, it was AOL screwing up my connection. So, I owe the cat an apology for bitching about her all weekend. Now, how are you supposed to apologize to a cat, which is completely clueless as to what I've been thinking all weekend and all day long? I have no idea, but Andrew seems to think that I have forever scarred Joshua's psyche by blaming her for my computer troubles.

A few weeks ago, Andrew & I sited in his guns. No big deal. So when asked if I wanted to go shooting, I readily agreed. After all, I love to shoot. I have since found out that I pretty much suck at it. LOL. I have lost my touch over the years. I love handguns, but prefer rifles. So, next time, maybe I'll get to shoot the "big guns", ya know the ones that will knock me on my ass. So, maybe I haven't lost my touch, maybe it's because I rely on a scope too much. But if a stranger is coming into my home, will I honestly take time to sight him in to shoot?...ummm, hell no.

Misty & I went to the park today, with her children. We had a long talk about forgiveness. I have known Misty for 20+ years. She has been through hell with her family. She was smart enough to get away from then while she had the chance. Being emancipated at an early age, we both had to grow up quickly. However, it has taken a toll on both of us emotionally. Anyway, she has turned to her faith to lead her through hard times. I won't say what I turned to, but needless to say, it hasn't been my faith. Now, after all these years of being estranged from her family, she has forgiven them and is happier than ever. This had made me think long and hard about things that have happened in the past. I just wonder if holding a grudge holds a person back. As in being "happy". My theory has always been, I can forgive, but I can't forget. Now, I'm wondering if forgetting about things wouldn't just be easier... I don..t know... just some random thought going through my head.

For all my dear friends who have emailed me and messaged me about the new "relationship", I'll answer this here, just because I'm too lazy today to answer each & every one. Things are going very well (I think). No, we haven..t' had any fights yet and no major political/religious debates. He's too well versed in both for me to have a fighting chance. And yes, I have rolled my eyes, LMAO...thanks ya'll for caring enough to ask!!

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