Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shhh, be very, very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits

This past Saturday, I went and took a First Steps Pistol Class. Steve's mom, Susan, was the instructor. Growing up around guns, I "thought" I was a safe shooter when it came to firearms. 1. This is what I get for "thinking" and 2. I'm glad I never shot anyone in all my excursions with a gun (rifle or otherwise).

Here in Botetourt County, before all the b.s. about guns became around, it was nothing to see a shotgun or rifle in the back of one of your classmates trucks. I can even remember when we all got the first day of hunting season off. When we got to 7th grade, during gym class, we took Hunter Education. Mr. Agnor taught this class and honestly, I'm not sure if I paid attention to the material or if I was too busy drooling. My friend Christy was in my gym class...did we pay attention? At any rate, we had to have this class to get our hunting license once we turned 16. So, I took it and all these years, thought I was "safe". I was horribly mistaken.

First thing I took away from this class was trigger safety. I will admit, I would keep my finger on the trigger once the gun or handgun was in place. If something interrupted me, well, the gun went with my hand. As I said before, I'm lucky no one ever got shot. Kinda like new drivers, when they look at something, the wheel sort of turns with their head. Anyway, I now know where to keep my finger.

I also figured out I can't hit the broad side of a barn with both eyes open. Being left eye dominant and right handed is a hindrance when it comes to shooting a gun or a bow. I have learned to shoot a bow left-handed and a rifle left handed, but still can't quite get a handgun down pat. I now feel like Elmer Fudd when he was trying to shoot Bugs Bunny. Somehow, Bugs always managed to get away and Elmer Fudd was left looking around wondering what had just happened. So when it came down to the practical part of the class, I was screwed. I did hit the target (I think), but not very often. Good thing I wasn't graded on marksmanship. I would have been up shit creek.

I'm really glad I took the class. I learned a lot more that I thought I would. The class didn't just cover safety; it also went into parts of the pistol, ammunition, cleaning, storing and the fundamentals of shooting. I have to say, I would definitely recommend everyone taking this class if they are going to be a gun owner. Now that I think about it, it's kinda scary that all these people have guns and have never had any "formal" training at all. Hell, I grew up around guns and still wasn't as trained as I thought I was. That kinda knocked me down a notch or two. Nothing like humility to make a person remember where they came from.

After the class, I got to shoot one of Steve's "big guns", as mentioned in the previous blog. I really, really liked that. I can see why he likes his guns.
We got to spend the day with his Mom and that was cool. I like her teaching style and I can see a lot of her in Steve, especially when it comes to patience. All in all, we had a good day.

So that was my big adventure for the weekend. No plans for this one coming up, I have a feeling it will be our last one before we have to start getting moved and such. Yet again, that is another blog...

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