Thursday, March 8, 2007

Didn't mean to lock you out

My page was locked down for about two weeks. The reason? I applied for a job where my background was extensively checked out. I decided to go ahead and lock my page down before I could incriminate myself. (LOL, not that my life is that exciting).

However, I have since found out, due to my "ex" husband, I have been labeled a victim of domestic assault. Therefore, I will not be able to work for the place I had applied. It saddens me to think that 1) I'm still paying for his mistakes and 2) I'm considered a victim.

Hopefully soon, the "ex" will leave me alone for good. I made a very hard decision last night. Steve said either I play hardball from the get go or I play nice. Well, I'm not going to play nice anymore. I gave too many years of my life to that man and have nothing but issues and a label to show for it. Screw that. I started over, I'm not looking back now.

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