Friday, March 9, 2007

Random thoughts and questions

Just some random thoughts on this Friday morning.

~Am I weird for liking burnt food? I'm eating poptarts and had to put them back in the toaster twice before they were "done" enough for me.
~Why does Ellen DeGeneres wear Vans with a pantsuit? Seems to me she would have a personal stylist or something.
~200 miles from home and my Mama and ex still call me 10 times each. WHY??
~Why can't you carry a firearm in the Nation's Capitol? It's not like you will see anyone important walking down the street and decide to shoot them. Hell, most of them are in an office with their mistresses or with their thumb up their asses.
~What am I supposed to do if Kevin kicks the bucket? Am I morbid for thinking about that?
and lastly, do you think answers come in dreams? I had a wild ass dream about Tim last night, involving a vineyard, the bigfat school girl and his g/f. But at the end of the dream, I was satisfied with questions that have been plaguing (I butchered that word) me for years.
Oh yeah, please pray for my newest cousin, who is yet to be born. It seems there may be some complications when she gets here.

Have a great weekend, I know I will, I'm with my baby, who has LOST weigh...and we are far, far away from annoying people!!

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