Sunday, March 4, 2007


I'm being selfish and having a brat attack at the moment, so bear with me. My father has always said: "You are old enough for your wants not to hurt you". I hated hearing that phrase growing up. (I also hated hearing "does a bear shit in the woods" when asking an, oh so obvious question, but that is a whole other blog).

For the next 3 weeks, he will be gone. I realize with all the modern technology, other than the distance, it will feel like a normal week. I will still be able to talk to him every day. I am very lucky, considering some of my friend's husbands are serving our country and they do not get to talk to them as often as they would like to. I must confess, I would not have made a good military wife, I'm glad he is out. But damnit, I want him to be home, only 40 miles away. I feel lost. I want to be there or him be here. Logically, I understand why he's gone. I see the rational in going away. But the irrational side of me is having the biggest hissy fit.

I don't have a clue why I wrote all this or even if it made sense. All I know is I can't wait until he comes home. It's only been 6 1/2 hours since I saw him last and it seems like forever.

I'm gonna stop with one last thought. Why is it the ones you want to stay in your life, leave all too soon and the ones you don't want are like a booger that keeps sticking to your finger???

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