Saturday, March 3, 2007

I find it hard to say I'm sorry

To something that happened 400 freakin' years ago. I do not see how, in any form, this "apology" makes up for what happened. Yeah, a lot of people fucked up. And in turn, a lot of people suffered. But honestly, what purpose does it serve NOW? I want to know how these people feel they are being affected NOW, over 400 years later. Are they being turned down for employment? Are their children being pointed at, ridiculed in some way? Will this apology make their life any better than it was before? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. I am on the middle of the fence when it comes to this. I can see how people want the past to be acknowledged. They want everyone to know what happened. I too, want people to know the tragedy that befell my ancestors but to ask for an "apology"? In my opinion just seems like you are digging up the past. Leave it alone people, it's over, done with, finished. This bill recognized what happen, but can never change it.

On to my next middle of the night and I can't sleep rant. The Cherokee Nation recently voted to expel over 2800 decendants of slaves. You can read about that
Before I start my rant on that subject, let me give you some background. My father is of the Cherokee Tribe and I'm not talking a little bit, I'm talking through and through. Therefore, as genetics would have it no other way, I too, am Cherokee. A tribal member I might add. And yes, I voted, so I feel I have a right to bitch and complain if I want to. I personally agree with the vote. Does it mean I am a racist as the article implies? Maybe, depends on your outlook on things. It just pisses me off to no end that these people expect help from the Cherokee Nation when they clearly do not deserve it. Are they Cherokee? NO, their families were involved in a sad situation, again, sorry, hate that for ya.
To me, that is the equivalent of going to Germany and saying "Hey, my great grandparents were murdered in the concentration camps, now give me some money". Strong, harsh words, I know. BUT, will getting money from anyone who wronged your family in the past change what happened? Absolutely NOT. Getting an apology is one thing, but getting money and resources for something that did not directly affect you? Come on now, that's like being a gold digger.

I guess my point on both of these articles are twofold: it's not going to change the past and it damn sure ain't going to change the here and now. While I realize people were not expecting the past to be changed, I believe it is a well known fact that WE as a country screwed up when it came to slavery. I don't feel that we need to be wasting our legistators time on such things. Shouldn't they be trying to solve the problems we have in our society NOW? Or is it just me who feels this way?

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