Friday, February 23, 2007

Bad to worse

Today, we were supposed to know when Steve is to leave. He just sent me an email, and they want him to come up there for a month. He said "I don't like the idea, it's too long" I can honestly say that I am now officially terrified.
A month will break it. I know I'm bringing issues into this relationship as it is. Big issues that I can't fix over night, and most definitely not before he leaves.

I just got another email from him, his supervisor is balking on a month, he said 2 weeks at the max per month. I could deal with 2 weeks, maybe. I dunno, I'm all confused. I don't know what to think, all I know is that it's fucking with my head and it hasn't even happened yet. That's pretty bad.

I'm off to the dentist, more later, as I know more.

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