Monday, February 12, 2007

I was cursed

I remember hiding behind my mother's skirts, so to speak, sticking my tongue out at my brother, Sean. "Na Na Boo Boo, you're in trouble" and happily skipping along my merry way. Of course, I could always hear my mother tell him: "I hope one day you have kids just like you".

And I laughed.

Karma. I believe in it, wholeheartedly. And you know what? She came up and bitch slapped me. As you can imagine, Sean grew up and yes, had a child just like him. And guess what? I grew up and had a child just like him!! Guess that is what I get for laughing.

Wonder if it's too late to apologize for laughing at him getting his ass whipped? Will that change things? Somehow I doubt it.

I have decided to send my son to live with MY father. He doesn't know about this yet. (Neither the son, nor the father or my father for that matter). If I even so much as had the thought of sassing my mother, my Daddy would have smacked me down a rathole that I would have never been able to dig myself out of. So, I'm thinking, if old dogs can learn new tricks, my 9 year old can learn how to be respectful and keep his trap shut, like we were taught.

I'd leave this open for comments, but I'm afraid of the "I told you so's"...LOL. I'm off to eat the bottle of nerve pills prescribed to me.....

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