Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm not a paranoid person, am I?

I just got one of those phone calls that I have dreaded. Things never, ever, ever turn out good for me when a boyfriend/spouse goes out of town.
He called to "ask me" if it was okay, hell he had already made the decision. He had sent an email to me a few minutes before, telling me what was happening.

God, I need to quit this shit, now. he's not kevin, he's not tim, he's not any of those people, he wouldn't cheat on me as soon as we are apart. would he?

every insecurity I thought I was over just came out with a vengence and I can't stop freakin' crying. God, I hate myself. I hate Kevin for doing this to me, why did he have to fuck up so bad that it turned my life upside down?? Fucking why?
All I ever have is questions, never answers.

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