Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One would think...

that if your divorce was not final, your lawyer would tell you. After getting it sealed so certain people in society cannot find me, I thought nothing more about it. It wasn't until yesterday that it was brought to my attention that we never completed a marital separation agreement, that my world came crashing down.
So, not only do we have property to settle, it seems that crackhead needed a guardian ad litem for our divorce. Did anyone bother to tell me this?? NO. Did my lawyer know this? NO. He's only done one and does more criminal law than family law. (ok, my grammar sucked a huge one on that sentence).
So, guess what? my divorce is null & void. I still have property to share with crackhead. The best part?? I get to pay for HIS lawyer. Even better? I'm still married to the motherfucker.

I am convinced that I am the only human on this earth that if something only has a 1 in a trillion chance of it happening, it's gonna happen to me.

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