Thursday, December 28, 2006

We regret to inform you

I just answered the phone, not knowing the number, I was hesitant, ready to close it, if it happened to be my ex. However it was some woman, she started with "We regret to inform you", and everyone knows that types of calls are NEVER good. Mine was excellent!!!
So anyway, since SOME people don't like cliffhangers, she went on to say that Kevin had been transferred to Deep Meadows (an intake prison).
Finally!!! They aren't going to leave him here to bug the shit out of me. 6 letters in 2 days. My postmaster hates me now. He actually leaves the stamp laying on the counter for me to stamp it myself these days. 4 phone calls in 2 days (I entered the number in my phone under DO NOT ANSWER).
Woo Hoo...maybe this time the counselors will get it right and I will finally get some peace and quiet.
As we say on IOIC, I'm doing the happy dance (not really, but I'm pretty happy right now)...somehow though, it's not for the same reasons as they were. Sorry ladies.

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