Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Mama has a dog named Weed. She inherited this dog from a man that lives down the road from her. I always said that Weed looks like a fat, black possum. She's a happy dog that always meets you in the driveway with a wagging tail and makes you feel welcome. Well, she won't anymore.

Weed was shot last night, in my Mama's driveway, right beside my stepdad. My Mama lives down a road that leads to the local water dam. It's a quiet neighborhood with a lo
t of old people and one nasty ass pedophile who I have threatened to de-nut on many occasions. Well, it was a quiet neighborhood until a couple moved in behind the house my Mama lives in. Since then, it has gone downhill. To make a long story short, Mama and this couple have been to court several times over dogs. But never over Weed.

Because of a court order, Mama has to
keep her other dog, Mickey on a leash at all times. So my stepdad was walking Mickey and Weed was happily walking with them. Wayne (stepdad) heard a shot and Weed yelped. Since it was dark, he couldn't see where Weed went and when he looked up at the neighbors house, they had flood lights on and he couldn't see who was doing the shooting. He went home and told Mama what had happened, but wasn't sure if Weed was hurt or not. My Mama called the police and when they got there, they did a search and found Weed, dead, apparently trying to get back to Mama's house.
Everyone has been questioned, Weed has
been sent to Richmond for a doggie autopsy (yeah well, it's early and I can't spell the real word). Hopefully the bullet will still be there, but like I told my Mama, it will be easy enough for them to hide the gun and not be able to link anyone to the shooting.

Ya know, I'm not a "dog" person. I have always preferred cats. But I like older, calm dogs that need no attention. Weed was one of those dogs. Many a night, I landed at my Mama's house, crying, drunk or both as the case may be and Weed alw
ays slept with me. I'm really gonna miss her. She was company for my Mama and she was a just in general a good dog. Hell, she was 14 years old, who would have thought she would go out like this?

What kind of low class moron shoots a dog while the owner is walking it? That is just fucking wrong. They nee
d to go back to whatever nasty ass infested hole they crawled out of.

I just don't understand. And some ask why I hate stupid people. This is a perfect example of why.

Below is the only picture I have of Weeder (as I call her).

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