Thursday, January 25, 2007

What men see in me (this is good!)

What's Sexy About Aries Women
Ruled by warrior planet Mars, the Aries woman has the heart of an Amazon -- and that's an irresistible turn-on to men. Hot-tempered yet fun, you're an independent person who can hold your own, which makes it all the more challenging for a man to capture your heart. Like Aries stars Reece Witherspoon and Kate Hudson, you exude sass and style. Your guy digs watching you drive topless (in your convertible!) or playing to win at tennis. Your competitive nature turns him on -- try arm-wrestling or pillow-fighting with him some time, and watch the passion heat up in a flash!

There's a fresh, youthful vibe about you, a hint of the tomboy that you accentuate by wearing bright colors and casual styles. You're a big flirt, and your sharp tongue can trade verbal barbs with the best of them. These qualities, along with your ready laugh and childlike enthusiasm, make your man feel young at heart. Surprise him with a spontaneous trip to the desert or mountains -- camping out under the stars or even chasing storms will crank your sex life up to full throttle!

I find this hilarious!! All those things they list, temper, competitiveness, toyboy, flirt, laughing and being spontanous, YUP, that's me!! BUT, all those thing have gotten me in trouble in relationships before. Damn, I can't win for losing!!!

What You See in Your Taurus Man
There's an earthy charm and confidence about the Bull that makes him sexy. Even if he's not classically handsome, his sweet ways get him just about anything or anyone he wants. Fun and flirtatious, when it comes to commitment he moves slowly, like his other animal, the tortoise. As with Taurus Jack Nicholson, he's apt to stay single until someone really special comes along. But if he knows you're "The One," he'll take his time and wait 'til you come around.

Taurus is good with his hands and very sensual -- trading massages really turns him on. He's also tuned in to his body -- and yours! -- which makes him a sensitive lover. Unflappable and serene (unless pushed too far), he'll make you feel safe. He can get stuck in ruts, however. Often broad-chested and a bit fleshy, his warmth is comforting on chilly nights. Ruled by artistic Venus, he's both creative and practical. He'll build you a cabinet or plan your portfolio, and feel manly doing so. To thank him in a way he'll really appreciate, savor a deluxe hot fudge sundae together -- in bed.
Hmm, if this is right about Steve, he owes me a massage!!

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