Thursday, October 26, 2006

Assorted colors

This week is Red Ribbon Week at my son's school. For those who don't know what that is, it is a week to educate kids on how to stay away from drugs and pretty much what drugs are all about. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for drug education, especially considering what I have went through and what my ex put me through. However, I think they take things too far at times.
I smoke. Yes, it is one of my very few vices. I have never tried to quit. Other than the 4 pregnancies and when I was in the hospital, I have smoked for about 10 years. Sure, I smoked in intermediate school and high school, but I didn't really "smoke" I have no doubt I am addicted; however, I smoke because I like it. I even don't mind paying the taxes on the things. But, I digress.
All week, I have been told that I am doing drugs. That's right; they are teaching our children that nicotine is a bad drug. Yes, it is. However, I don't think the schools have the right to tell MY child to tell me in every other sentence to quit using drugs. It's about to drive me insane. Ok, off my soap box to another subject, this one much more lighthearted.
Each day during Red Ribbon Week, the kids do something different. For example, today is "Crazy Hair Day" and "Wear Something Orange". So, I get Andrew an orange t-shirt. My sister calls last night, she is on her way to my house, with the spray in hair color. You see this a lot around Halloween. I didn't think much about it at the time, believing it was for Andrew next week. Oh No. That is what I get for thinking. My dear sister had the brilliant idea to spray the dye in Andrew's hair. The dye just so happens to be orange. What she failed to tell us is it also has glitter in it. Being the "good mother" that I am, I become the guinea pig. In other words, let's see what it does to Mama's hair before we put it in Andrew's, just in case.
Now, I will admit, I dye my hair. Most of the time, just a basic flat black. Due to the lovely genes inherited by my father, I started getting grey at 24. The last time I dyed it, Gary and his daughter Ashley helped. We dyed it black, and then put the bold red highlights in it. The bold red didn't take anywhere but in the back of my head. That was over a month ago, so it is in need of having the roots done.
My child takes this orange spray dye and coats my hair with it. Right down to the roots. First it was in streaks. I could handle that. It even showed up. Kinda cute, funky look for me. Then, he decides let's put a little more in there. He ends up putting it on the un-dyed roots of my hair.
So, guess what folks? This spray on dye which is supposed to wash out with warm water DOES NOT wash out with warm water. I have 3 colors, orange, red and black. I look like the poster child for fruit loops. I have washed my hair 5 times in less than 12 hours. Not only that, but I also have a beautiful glitter all over. Literally, all over. Not only my hair, but my neck, my back, my face and on my arms.
Oh, the things we will do for our children. Know what? I think I'll go have a cigarette.

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