Sunday, October 8, 2006

Well, I took a nap, woke up, felt better, now that I have gotten up and moved around, my back feels like someone is poking me with a stick in my spine. I haven't done a damn thing today other than housework and messing with Andrew this morning. I guess sleeping somewhere different, then having Andrew sleeping with me last night is catching up with my back.

Dale & I was fighting this morning. He wanted Andrew back and I wasn't ready to give him back yet. That sucks so bad. Tomorrow is the day. I don't wanna go. I want someone to go with me. Brandy called & spoke to Pam, who is the lab director, she is going to have Theresa come and do the tests and tell Andrew it is to make sure he's healthy. Now, as long as he doesn't repeat what he had done in front of someone who knows what the test is really for. I know Theresa from the ER and she is a really nice girl who would respect the reasons why I am asking for the privacy.

I freakin' hate racing some days....LMAO....anyway, as for the rest of the crap going on, Tammy is mad, has "cut off our friendship". I can't say that I am heartbroken over it. I can't say I have shed a tear at all. In fact, Gary & I were still laughing about some of the crap she had to say. It's been a long time coming. With very few exceptions, I do not have female "friends", acquaintances,yes, friends, no. I know how much of a bitch I can be, why would I want to be friends with someone who is like me? With the exception of being of whore, drunk & pill popper, Tammy & I did have some of the same theories on life. I can't say that I will be missing out on a lot. And I can't say that I will "take her back" if she comes crawling when no one else wants to put up with her bullshit.

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