Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Read it, it's calling your name

After much consideration, I have decided to make my blog friends only after tomorrow morning. There are several other people who read my blog other than who is on my friends list, so I will give them the opportunity to read it and then it will be either friend only or my whole page will become private. I haven't decided on the private page thing yet. I have a lot of wonderful friends and would like to continue to meet more people and I know most people won't add someone who has a private page. So I'm still debating on that one.

The reason you ask? Well, it seems I have a stalker. At least that is the nice word I call her. And yes, for once Amie is playing nice. In case you did not notice, on my page, underneath the pink "it's always nice for you to see me again" avatar, there is something called a tracker. What this means for some people who apparently don't know or don't care, is that the moment you open my page, I know what city you are in, what internet company you use, how many times you have visited my page and what time, along with a link to YOUR page. This for example is what my stalker's information looks like:

FXXXd, VA, US 10/2 7:16:11 AM 26 Citizens Telephone Cooperative (I will keep her page a secret and usually the XXX's arent' there)

That's right. You have been in my page 26 times. For what reason, I might ask? I have already told you that I would gladly tell you what information you wanted, if you only asked. Well, whatever information I choose to share. So, may I ask a few questions and give you some advice? First, did you lose something on my page? I certainly for one do not think so, however, you continue to visit as though you are searching for something. I know you are reading my blog daily. I do understand that. But what part of "I will no longer be discussing our relationship in any way" did you NOT understand? Yet you continue to visit. Did you think I would change my mind? Or are you searching for someone who MIGHT be in my friends list? There are no mutual friends, acquaintances, ex husbands or boyfriends in my friends list, let me assure you.

Second, don't play mind games. No one likes them; they are only fun in your world. The rest of us only humor you. I, for one, will no longer humor you and allow you to come to my page and look through it to find whatever it is you seek. My friends certainly do not want you coming to their pages. If they did, don't you think you would have gotten a friend request by now? I jokingly told someone that I might as well send you one, that way you could at least comment on my blog. Hell, if you are gonna be in my page, you could at least leave me pretty pictures like my friends do.

Or is it that you are trying to figure out what is seen in me? That, my dear remains a mystery and always will. But I do know one thing for certain; I know how to treat a man. I would never break down a person's soul the way you have. So here is my last piece of advice and I shall let you go pout in your corner, or come back and reread it. Several times if you wish. Go for it, it will be the last one that you will read. So heed my advice. Get over it. Move on with your life. Quit fucking up everyone else's. You once told me you had thought about him being with someone else and it would make him happy. Well, don't you think now is the time? If not, at least treat him with the respect he deserves.

I am without doubt that I will hear a ration of shit about this particular blog, but at this point, I do not care. I am tired of my personal space being invaded by someone as heartless as this person is. He may have to tolerate you, but I damn sure don't.

Oh, and for your information, what I have posted above is not against any myspace rules. So don't try any stupid bullshit. No one can identify you and honestly, no one probably wants to either.

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