Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Learning to play chess

Strategy. Not one of my strong points. Maybe chess should not be the easiest way to practice this? Especially with someone with a military background.

I have always wanted to play chess. The brothers would never teach me. Honestly, I never had the attention span to learn. Now, I'm wondering if I have the brain capacity to retain what I did learn. I have found out now that chess is a game of scenarios. What if, what might and how do I?... These methods, I have only applied to life, not small pieces with strange names that have rules on which way they can move. But, I am up for the challenge, if Steve has patience.

The weekend went well, no drunken nights to speak of, which is fine. Maybe I just needed a weekend of peace and quiet. Last night however was a different story, get my family together and you can't get a word in edgewise. Talk about sensory overload. I can't blame someone for bolting. LOL. And with the holidays coming up, I may end up doing the same. Wonder when I became such an anti-social person? Maybe it's just with my family. Lord knows I love them all, but they are becoming a handful.

Friday is my last day of class. I only have 9 credits left. One paper due before then, and all I really need to do on that is proof it. Sure don't want to be polically incorrect :grrr: All I need is to lose points and lower my GPA. Bad enough it's at a 3.97. Then it's off to Algebra and another admin class. Who knew they would have classes on how to be bossy, I thought I had that covered years ago? Ought to ace that class....

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