Saturday, October 21, 2006

Much needed weekend

For once, I can actually say, TGIF. Ok, so let's not get real technical, due to insomnia, it is Saturday, but any way...
I'm leaving tomorrow to go to a friend's house for a long weekend. I love the fact that he is going to babysit for his sister. That is just so sweet. Hell, only reason my brothers wanted my son was to pick up chicks at Texas Steakhouse. Sad thing is, it worked. My poor child, who knows what he was subjected to, all those girls cooing over him, thinking my brother was a single father and how precious is was. BLAH. But back to the original subject. I have told him that I feel a drunk coming on. So, I am heading out tomorrow sometime and plan on getting thoroughly shit faced and taking advantage of someone! Oh yeah, he told me I couldnt' take advantage of the willing. Hmm..well, at any rate, I'm ready to go now!!

My house has been chaos for days now. Mostly due to my son & my ex husband. I swear, hunting season comes around and the testosterone levels go through the roof. I hope Andrew gets his first deer this year, otherwise, I'm gonna go nuts listening to him.

My baby sister & mom go back home on Monday, I think. I will miss her greatly. I had forgotten how much fun we have together. I think we giggled all day long. I still can't believe she's 21. Damn, I'm getting old. The thought of her being a woman just shocks me. I guess it's like Andrew, I turned around and poof, she was grown. Won't be long it will be my baby brother's birthday. Strange, I always asked for a baby brother, got him finally, and I ended up being closer to my baby sister. But he still holds a special place in my heart, even if he is a snob.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I plan on having a really good one. It's cool like that now, I finally found someone I can sit down with and have those deep dark conversations with. Not sure how much impact I make on the conversation, but hey, at least it's interesting.

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