Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, I'm home. I swear that kid of mine will be be the one who drives me insane. Just like that damn cats will kill me on the stairs. Sat. night, Andrew gets mad at me & goes home. So, rather than sit at home, I took off to Steve's. His friends from NC had come up & left. We stayed up all night, talking. Both of us were exhausted. He kept saying he needed to go to sleep, I knew I did too, but something else would come up and we would keep on talking. I have to say, he is very intelligent and can carry on a good conversation. He most definitely has some strange opinions. Very much like the opinions of Richie. I just rolled my eyes and told him whatever floated his boat. He laughs when I tell him that. I guess being in the military for 10 years does tend to make one's outlook on life different from a civilians. We did have a good time though, just bullshitting and laughing. Yesterday, we went & got something to eat and just sat around, doing nothing, which was fine by me, 'cause I was so tired. We watched some movie, that honestly was just about one of the most boring things I have seen in years. Since things are kinda messed up down there, we ended up just doing the oral thing, which was fine by me. Surprisingly, he got me off from that. I'm starting to feel 1/2 normal now that I can do that. He got a, umm, surprise at the end. I thought he was gonna throw me down right then & there, he kept telling me that turned him on so much and how he had only seen it in movies and heard about it. That got me giggling so hard, I couldn't stop. I think I may have offended him. So, it was my turn and he kept telling me that I didn't have to and all that bullshit, then he tried the 'it's not gonna work', well, it worked. I was kinda proud of myself. Heehee. We was supposed to go to sleep, but again, we stayed up all night talking. He told me, I have to work tomorrow but I love talking to you. Finally somewhere around 3, I told him to shut up and let me sleep. It was very strange waking up beside someone again. As he was getting ready for work, he told me to stay with him so we could spend every last minute together. That kinda made me feel funny. I wanted to ask what he meant, but it was just too damn early in the morning to get into that kind of discussion. And on top of that, I'm kinda afraid of the answer. I'm not sure how I would react if he told me something I didn't want to hear.

I finally got home and decided to go ahead and get on the computer, I figured Gary wouldn't be on, but there was an email asking where I was. Again, that made me feel good. So, we talked this morning. He said that his weekend was ok. And here I thought they were so in love. If she is so in love with him, why would she act like she wanted to be somewhere else. Makes no sense to me. Oh well, that's not my problem, he's the one that has to put up with her and sit and wonder if she really wants to work it out. That would drive me freakin' nuts wondering like that. At least he knows where he stands with me, even if he doesn't reciprocate.

Well, that is about it for now. More later, I suppose.....

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