Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I got this from my mom a little while ago, I think it fits very well into my life right now.
You have created your fears.
And you can choose to lay them to rest.
You have created your dreams.
And you can choose to bring them fully to life.
Look all around you and realize that everything you see is what you have chosen to see.
Every thought you think is what you have chosen to think.
Day after day, by your words, your actions, and your thoughts, you have chosen your own path.
And that path has brought you to precisely where you are.
Now it is time to choose again.
Remember that with each and every choice you make, you determine the details of how your life will proceed from this point.
It is a serious responsibility as well as a wonderful, enormous opportunity.
For again and again, you can choose your way toward the life you truly wish to live.

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