Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Just a lot of random thoughts

This is just gonna be all jumbled together, probably because i forgot my A.D.D. meds today. Steve sent some pretty wild pictures that completely sent me over the edge. WOW.

I feel so bad for Gary, this witch is just yanking his chain. Or she might surprise me and not be, but a lot of things he says just makes me feel bad for him. I wish he wanted me to call him all the time or come see him. Hell, I wish a lot of things. But I'm trying to behave and not say anything to spook him. Like right now, he's teasing me about us having sex. God, if he only knew the truth.

Andrew & I had a good time at the park tonight, we took some pictures, he wanted too, not sure why. He was good until we got home, then that mouth started running. The thought of losing him, scares me.
Dale is in for it, he thinks I'm gonna play nice. Well, I'm not. He's in for a surprise.
Not much more to say, other than Tammy, quit drinking.
This fricken sucks a huge one.
ok, i reckon i'm done, i would rather talk to gary than do this.

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