Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friendships survive bad days

I came right out and asked Gary if he wanted me to leave him alone, he said no. I tried not to bother him tonight, let him have his space. He was in a much better mood this evening. I even got him to watch Ghost Hunters. He's a skeptic. That's understandable. I was too for a long time. Jay emailed me a little while ago and asked if I thought it was a good show. Dumbass, he had already sent me pics and clips. LMAO, I reckon if I went from small time boy to having my own show, I would be forgetful too. He's such a goofball.

I talked to Steve for a while tonight. He got the GPS set up and we are ready to go geocaching. He isn't big on hiking the trails like I am, but that's ok, I guess we will figure something out. I am so out of shape. Hopefully, taking me off that high dose of thyroid medicine will straighten the weight & energy problem out. I can't believe that I have gained 21 pounds this year. I want my body back. I want the damn body that everyone knows me as having. The tall slender one. I hate that there is nothing they can do about it other than change of meds. that sucks. Anyway, back to Steve, he's supposed to come over tomorrow after work. Everyday he has thought that he was going to have to work late. Watch tomorrow be the day they spring it on him. I hope not. I would like to see him again. He has kinda grown on me. He's a cool guy to talk to. We ended up talking a lot tonight about guns and shooting ranges. He thinks it's cool that I know how to shoot guns. Obviously, he didn't grow up around here. That is like second nature to us. He told me that Andrew told him about his guns, which surprised me. I didn't even know they talked that much. I must have missed that part.

Well, once again, Tim and I are back to the if you see me, I'll talk to you kinda thing, otherwise, leave it alone. I think this afternoon when I couldn't orgasm really got to him. He realized things had changed. A lot had changed. It was hard to say goodbye and know that once he walked out that door, I wouldn't have another chance with him. I knew this when I said goodbye. But that is what it is going to take for me to get out of this chaos I call my life. If I could just get the Dale situation straightened out, I'd be happy.

Tammy sent me an email, and said once she cools off, she wants to talk about our friendship. I didn't answer her. Again, another drama in my life I don't need right now.

Well, I'm sleepy, so I think I'll go to bed early tonight. At least tonight, I might make it all the way through without being interrupted.

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