Monday, October 2, 2006

interesting night

umm, I have been up all night, talking. I got a lot of feedback on what has been happening around here lately. A lot of it made sense, now that I think about it and get a third party's opinion. Although, he maintains I was "in lust" and I maintain "love", what he said did make a lot of sense. To meet someone in one day, talk to them all night and then have them make you realize everything you thought was bullshit, truly is not, is a very strange experience. Especially coming from a young guy with little experience in relationships. I guess that is what I get for meeting someone who has studied freakin' psychology. Only me.

Andrew was up and down most of the night again, coughing. He finally went into a peaceful enough sleep around 3. He said he was staying home from school today. Yeah, right, I don't think sooooooo. 'Cause his Mama is tired and is going to take his tiny hiney to school and come home & fall into the bed.
Lord what a night, all my thoughts are being reprocessed with all this new information. Then to have someone else confirm what I was thinking anyway about the casual sex part has just blown my mind. Ok, so if less than a month of having sex with someone is considered casual to most guys, I would hate to see the time length for non casual sex.

Ok, off to take a shower and get my little man up and ready for school. More later...

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