Friday, October 6, 2006

looks aren't everything

so, I was lusting after this guy and i ended up talking to him a little while ago. He looks yummy. So we get to talking through the shoutbox and he invites me to a chat room, so I go, we end up exchanging Yahoo messenges back and forth and leave the room all together. Well, he might look good and all that, but he's dumb as a fuckin' box of rocks. And, I ain't no expert on cyber or anything, but he's about boring when it came to that. Now the idiot wants to do phone sex. My thoughts on that: you might look good & all, but you ain't got what it's gonna take. So looks aren't everything. How come the whole package never comes together???

Well, I spoke too soon about Gary not listening. I finally got all the fears & bullshit that is running through my head out. I pissed Tim off because I was talking to Gary. I thought I was being nice by answering the phone, I could have avoided him and not answered at all. Not good enough for him. I don't understand men. He don't want me, but doesn't want Gary to have me. Now tell me that ain't stupid. Well, Gary doesn't have me either. And Tim doesn't understand that. Tim is so jealous. He says he can hear it in my voice that I love Gary. Said I never sounded that way with him. Nope, probably not, I was never in love with him. He said if it rained tomorrow, he'd come over. Am kinda worried about that, I'd hate to have to put him in his place for stepping over the line. I'm not ready for any of that b.s.

Well, I'm off to bed. I hope tomorrow is a better day than today was. I hope I don't sleep all day either.

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