Wednesday, October 11, 2006

random thoughts

It is very peaceful here tonight. Shockingly, after all the household has been through, it's quite. Well, I say that and a freakin' train comes by. Andrew is asleep, he went to bed very early, well, then again, so did I. I guess my body said, ok 2 hours is enough, get the hell up. Now if I can just get back to sleep, I'll be doing good.
It seems as though some people are hell bent on getting revenge for things that I have not done. This is fine with me. Have a go at it. Take your best shot, Rhonda. At this point in my life, I am too old to worry about what you think or frankly, what anyone else thinks either. This is not a popularity contest. So, that being said, I also want to add, I will continue my rantings as normal. If they get interrupted, I am sorry, ignore it, it will go away eventually. Kinda like that stray cat your parents told you not to feed when you were younger.

It appears to me that guys think I'm helpless. Tim has been either here or somewhere in the neighborhood since all this shit broke loose. It's very disruptive of my life, I must say. I feel as though I have a keeper. I haven't had one of those for years, and I don't like it at all. Now I remember why I don't like relationships that come with baggage. The baggage always seems to show up when least expected. Speaking of that. The wicked witch must had busted Gary this evening, we were talking along & bam, he was gone. I am assuming she must have walked in the house. HAHA. I find this very amusing. He shouldn't try to hide things from her anyway. I asked him the other day if he wants his cake and eat it too, he pretended ignorance. He says she has until Friday. Yeah, well, somehow with her coming over tonight, I have a feeling that Friday will be extended. He's not gonna give her up. He can't. It's like he feeds off the way she treats him or something. And she is gonna play the nice little girl for a while to get him back and then she's gonna snap & be the same bitch she was before, and there he is gonna be. And I'm gonna sit back and laugh my ass off, because I forewarned him. When will these guys learn to listen? I'm a woman, I know these things. I have done it myself. Oh yes, I will freely admit, I have played the good girl to stay in someones good graces. Hell, I'll even admit to giving someone a blow job, then turning around and kissing another dead in the mouth. Yes, nasty, I know, but that was during my revenge days of "you fucked around on me, I'll fuck around on you" Woman have no morals when it comes to revenge. One of these days, I am going to write that damn book about what women will do for revenge. A woman scorned, I believe is what Steve said this evening.

Speaking of Steve, Andrew has decided he must be my boyfriend. I was trying to reinstall AOHell on the downstairs computer, and Andrew was sitting there playing with Matt and Tim and he says "hey Mama, where is your boyfriend tonight?" I could have crawled in a hole somewhere. Here I am trying to do all that I can to convince someone I don't want a relationship & my kid busts me. Not that Steve & I are in one, but we are talking a lot, whatever that means. Tim just got stood up & went outside. Matt told me not to take it personal, that it upsets him. I honestly believe what upsets Tim the most is the fact that I have always given in to him, and this time, I won't. He hates the fact that he can't have me. I do not believe it has a damn thing to do with love.

Well, I suppose that is all for tonight, I am supposed to be asleep. I might try and see if I can go back, if not, I'll play online for a while longer. More later.

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