Monday, October 9, 2006

decision time

Ok, well, I knew Gary wasn't gonna go through with it. So, now I have to decide what to tell Tim. The reason I say this is because Steve was talking about it last night after I posted this. I straight up told him I would have to wait and see. So, now I have 2 choices, Tim, who I know and am comfortable with, or this new guy, who I don't know and would have to train. lol, that's awful to say, but that's kinda the way I feel. Then there is the issue with him, umm anatomy. That just freaks me out. I don't want to get ripped to pieces, I mean, I guess everything stretches down there to accomodate, but still. I have to admit, I am kinda curious.

Maybe I should just wait a while longer & see what happens between Steve & I before I make that decision. But damn it, it's been too long and this doing it yourself shit just ain't cutting it. I swear, I think God gave me the wrong hormones when it came to sex, because I sound an awful lot like a man. lol. Oh well, at least I'm not acting like one, yet. haha.

ok, misty, tell me your opinion here, go with what I know and have been happy with in the past, give the new guy a shot, or wait, it's just my hormones talking. I need help on this one.

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