Thursday, October 19, 2006

stalkers & men

LMAO, i got an email from Rhonda saying I was a man snatching whore and I got off one only being with ones that could never make a committment to me. If she only knew, but of course, like my other stalker, she will read this.
speaking of my other stalker, she was on my page this morning. Again, lmao. So much drama in my life and I ain't even doing anything. well, ok, i fess up, I did do something: I fell for a guy who loved someone else. So fucking drag me out into the street & shoot ME. She's such as dumb bitch who uses her "mental illness" as an excuse to him.
Whatever, fuck her & the horse she rode in on. Oh yeah, fuck you too Rhonda, and you don't even get a fucking horse, you whore.

So, Gary calls me today, I'm impressed. I did get a few tidbits of his/her conversation through IM. The only one that stuck me as odd, and he said he didn't read it, and will read it later to see what I'm talking about, is she make the remark that he supposedly said I was just like her. So this makes me wonder if he did. I'm thinking he probably did. I mean, she had no way to know that I would have ever read it, so why would she say it if he didn't. HMM...I take offense to that. I don't think that I am like her, in no way shape or form. I know the first few days we were talking I had a lot of problems. I wasn't taking my medicine because I didn't have it and all that. I just wonder how exactly he thinks we are alike. And if we are so much alike, why couldn't he ever be in a relationship with me. So this makes me wonder if that is the reason he didn't/doesn't ever want a relationship with me.
Ok, let me back up a few here. I know you are wondering why I'm worried about it and also, why I want to know so bad. Honestly, I do love Gary. The part I was talking about the other day when I said I didn't believe him about some parts, well the parts I didn't believe him about was that I loved him because he was a sober Kevin. At the time, it did make sense. And in a way, it still does. But I am so interested in him for a lot of different reasons than I was with Kevin. We make great friends, and I do want to keep that, but there is still a huge part of me that wants to be WITH him, as in g/f or whatever. But at the same time, I know that he loves Vickie. I can honestly say that now, I would never leave anyone for Kevin. Kevin is something in the past now. I'm ready to move on, really move on. He has made it plain & clear there will never be anything between us. Hence Steve.
Speaking of Steve, he did something really weird tonight, I told him tonight I needed to take down the Tolley sign, and he said yeah replace it with K....I completely freaked out. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to scoot my butt back downstairs. We just sat and talked the rest of the night. He confuses me so bad.
Well, it is past my bedtime. More later....

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